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Hi, my name is Jimmy Mercado. You may call me Jim and I'm based in Santa Clara Sunnyvale, a very nice city in Silicon Valley, Northern California.

I am a Software Engineer / Web Application Developer who loves exploring new technologies, discovering better techniques and never tired of learning new things. I'm an I.T. Professional who excels in system analysis and problem solving. 

I design and develop business applications, rewriting or converting desktop applications into web and I'm capable of managing small networks, Servers and Workstations. I'm also designing graphics, logos, layouts, illustrations and simple but elegant web graphic animations.

In my years of experience, I had the opportunities to work in Manila Philippines, Shanghai China, Bangkok Thailand and few states in the U.S. as a Software / Web Application Developer. I work on and/or off-site with my clients/employers to develop projects from concept to implementation and support.

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Javascript, VBScript, HTML/DHTML, CSS, XML,
XSLT, Lotus Notes Script, Lotus Formula, VBA/MACRO, J2SE, SAP-ABAP

MS-DOS, Windows 9x/ME/NT/XP/2000, MacOS

Windows 2000 Advanced Server
Windows 2003 Enterprise Server
Internet Information Service Manager (IIS 5/6)
Lotus Domino R6, Lotus Notes Domino Client,
MS Exchange Server

LAN Configuration (Windows Environment),
Proxies, VPN, Firewall(HotBrick), VoIP(Altigen)

SQL Server 7.0, SQL Server 2000, MS ACCESS

Visual Studio, VS.NET, Visual SourceSafe, DreamWeaver, HomeSite, Web Matrix, Lotus Notes Domino Designer, MS SQL Server Tools, ABAP Workbench, Crystal Reports, HTML Help Workshop

Adobe Photoshop CS, Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Flash MX, Fireworks, Swish, PaintShop Pro, MacroAngelo Icon Maker

MS Office Suite with Macro & VBA Programming, Adobe Acrobat Pro (PDF Creation), Norton Ghost, Veritas Backup Tool, Test Director, REMEDY

"I'm not limited to the skills I mentioned above. I'm a Professional who keeps on updating my knowledge and willing to expand my skillset whenever there's an opportunity. I believe that everything can be learned thru enthusiasm and dedication."

Microsoft Certified Soultion Developer

Job Title:  


    Domino R6 Administration
    Lotus Notes Application Dev't
    - IBM Thailand

    MS Solution Development
    - Computer Training Labs
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   Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer - MCP ID#2490262
   Since: Jan. 09, 2002

   Electronics & Communications Engineer - Lic.# ECE20223
   Since: Nov. 23, 1999

   School: New Era University ('94 - '99)
   Course: Engineering
   Major: Electronics and Communications (5-year Course)

High School
   School: Philippine Normal University ('90 - '94)

Grade School
   School: Philippine Normal University ('84 - '90)
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"Impressive! He can get himself involved to any development team; from UI to back-end; from desktop application to web development."
- Some Boss

"He's a quick-learner! Awesome in learning and mastering new technology. Must be because he's hard-working and dedicated."
- Some Supervisors

"He's so smart and handsome!"
- Mom
  (who else!)

"He's someone you'll be proud to call a friend"
- Friends

"I wish he's my husband."
- Desperate housewife

"Excellent team player! Never ran out of ideas and solutions if there's an unexpected problem."
- Some co-workers

"You're hired!"
- What are you
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Programming is my passion and probably this is the best reason why I pursued my career in Information Technology instead of diving into an electronics and communications tech jobs (ECE), which is actually my bachelor's degree.

I'm a hard-working and goal-oriented individual and can work both as a self-sufficient developer and a team player in a Client/Server or Internet/Intranet based applications. I desire to be in an a working environment that encourages learning, resourcefulness and self-motivation.

I'm looking for a challenging position that will excite my full potential as an individual developer and/or a substantial contributor to a high-performance team. I'm not limited to any location but I highly prefer a job somewhere in Bay area in Northern California.

If you feel I'm the type of developer you are looking for, you may contact me here and I'd be glad to get back to you as soon as possible.

My Resume is in Word and PDF format. It contains all my projects and work history.

If you need my resume or further information about me, please don't hesitate to contact me.
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